LOTUS ACADEMY was a dream of our founder Late Dr. Jugal Kishore Sharma. He was a retired professor and a social activist. Having the opportunityto visit several renowned institutions, during the course of his career, a desire to start an educational institution on his own was born and hence came LOTUS ACADEMY 10 years ago.


We ordinarily admit students at the beginning of the academic year. Those seeking admission should produce the following:-

  • A leaving certificate from the school last attended. The same has to be counter signed by the inspector of schools Directorate of Education.

  • The Progress Report of the child indicating her academic performance and participation in co-curricular activities in the school last attended.


The hostel is under the supervision of Hostel-in-charge, Assistant hostel-in-charges and wardens. The hostel staff attends to students and ensures that amenities offered to them are in good order. Students are provided with mineral water for drinking 24/7, and hot water for bath everyday.


Meal time is when students interact with each other freely. We take a lot of care to prepare food under extremely hygienic conditions with a cosmopolitan spread. Students are offered milk in the mornings and milk/tea in the evening break along with snacks, apart from the regular breakfast, lunch and dinner. Separate floors are allotted for the vegetarian and non-vegetarian students. Food is tasted by the administrative staff first before it is served to students to ensure quality and proper cooking. Of course no food can match food prepared at home. But best efforts are put in to ensure that students relish food on campus. After all the campus is their home for two years.